Phrasal Verb dell’esame first: i 25 più importanti

Phrasal Verb dell’esame first: i 25 più importanti

Robert Islam | 03/07/2021

Quali sono i Phrasal Verbs più important per l’esame FCE

Abbiamo tutti imparato verbi normali come catch, bring, sing ecc e anche quelli più difficili tipo arise, seek ecc. Ma sapevi che esistono tantissimi phrasal verbs e impararli tutti è una bella sfida.

In questo leggerai 25 (anche 30) phrasal verbs che sono importantissimi. In fondo alla pagina, guarda il video con la loro spiegazione.

Happy learning!

  1. to break down = to lose control especially cry after bad news or a tragedy
  2. to break something down to someone = to explain something complex to someone
  3. to catch up with something/someone = to find out the latest news about someone/something
  4. to come across something/someone = to see someone by chance
  5. to save up = to put money aside for something
  6. to end up doing something= to do something that you hadn’t planned at the start
  7. to fall out = to break up especially friends or couples
  8. to fill in = to put in your details on a page with spaces or to give essential information to someone
  9. to find out = to know something important
  10. to get away = to have a break like a weekend or a holiday away from your stressful life
  11. to get away with = to not face the consequences for an action
  12. to get on with = to have a good relationship with someone
  13. to get on = to do something
  14. to get through = to do something which requires attention
  15. to get down to = to focus on something when you were doing something else
  16. to carry/keep on doing  something = to continue doing something
  17. to live up to something = when something is up to your expectations
  18. to look something up = to search something online or in a book
  19. to look up to someone = to admire something
  20. to look down on someone = to consider someone lower than you
  21. to look into something = to investigate or to try to find out about something
  22. to come up with (idea) = to think of a plan to solve a problem
  23. to make up for something = to do something in order to cover the shortcomings of a situation
  24. to miss out on something = to lose the chance to do something
  25. to pull on = to wear something quickly
  26. to be put off = to be discouraged from doing something
  27. to set off = to start a journey
  28. to set up = to start a business or a project
  29. to stand out = to look different
  30. to take after = to look like someone
  31. to talk someone into doing something = to convince someone to do something
  32. to work out = to solve a tricky or a difficult situation




















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